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It is Gothic lounge BAR which creates adult atmosphere! !British Style i Lounge WE SERVE

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  • British Style i Lounge WE SERVE
  • British Style i Lounge WE SERVE
  • British Style i Lounge WE SERVE
  • British Style i Lounge WE SERVE

Store information

Store name British Style i Lounge WE SERVE
Address 3-35-9 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station Yushima
Ueno Okachimachi
TEL 050-3460-8417
Business hours 【Monday~Saturday】
Regular holiday Sunday
Web site

Seats / Facilities

Total number of seats 22 seats
Number of people allowed to rent 22 people from one person
Smoking Smoking allowed
Foreign language response Foreign language menu available
Mobile / wifi power supply
  1. docomo
  2. au
  3. softbank

Menu service / Related information

Menu service You can prepaid vouchers system.
We have set up vending machines for voucher tickets that can be used for ordering drinks and hoods at BAR entrance.
By changing cash for drinking today to a ticket, you do not need to worry about using too much money with drunk momentum.
Store features Staff members who are good at cocktail makeup are also enrolled, and from original popular cocktails such as 'gin tonic', original cocktails that can not be tasted at ordinary pubs can be ordered.
Food is beyond the genre and cuisine that incorporates the essences of various countries is prepared.
Especially it is rare experiences to be able to eat the original Iranian cuisine cooked by staff from Iran from please feel the wind of Oriental by all means.
While taking the theme of British, in the space that creates an atmosphere like a hideout hideout, we have a counter of 13 seats and a semi-private room of luxe mood.

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