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Have you seen pretty traditional Japanese sweets before? I'm sure you'll enjoy making one of them. Please come and join us!Wagashi&Matcha class, sakura 

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  • Wagashi&Matcha class, sakura 
  • Wagashi&Matcha class, sakura 
  • Wagashi&Matcha class, sakura 
  • Wagashi&Matcha class, sakura 

Store information

Store name Wagashi&Matcha class, sakura 
Address L’espoir Sendagi 307, 3-38-9 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku
Nearest station Sendagi station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
TEL 080-5409-4120
Business hours 【Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday】
Regular holiday Tuesday / Friday
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Only cash payment is available.
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Seats / Facilities

Total number of seats 6 seats
Foreign language response English OK

Menu service / Related information

Store features Hello! I’m Momoko, a teather of Wagashi and Matcha making class.

Do you know Wagashi, the Japanese traditional sweets? You may have seen  some of them before.
The most symbolic sweets as Wagashi are called “Nerikiri”, which are made from sweet bean paste and a little bit of soft mochi(sticky rice cake) or Japanese yam mixed together.
Nerikiri are mostly served at the traditional Japanese tea ceremony expressing the seasons with beautiful shapes such as flowers, leaves and the seasonal sights.
We Japanese feel the turning of the seasons from a piece of Wagashi.

I’ll teach you how to make beautiful seasonal Wagashi with my whole heart. After making Wagashi, we make Matcha green tea with an easy way. Have fun eating pretty Wagashi and drinking tasty Matcha together!!
Please come and experience a part of traditional Japanese culture!

Please check my website and feel free to contact me by email.
I look forward to seeing you at my class!!

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