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Old print of various Japan, cute accessories, thrift, book deals.初音 (Hatsune)

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  • 初音 (Hatsune)
  • 初音 (Hatsune)
  • 初音 (Hatsune)
  • 初音 (Hatsune)

Store information

Store name 初音 (Hatsune)
Address 7-5-11, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station JR Nippori Station
JR uguisudani station
TEL 03-3822-9950 
Parking Lot Parking in the neighborhood.
Business hours 13:00~18:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
Average budget
  1. 100 yen/1, 000 yen ~
Credit card
  1. Cards can not be used
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Menu service / Related information

Store features Specializes in antique and old folk and utensils including.
Take a look at once, such as not seen antiques and old folk and discovery. Come visit and look forward to.

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