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Mojitos using beer, wine and seasonal fruits are popular.*Preparing video*J-club

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Store information

Store name J-club
Nearest station Shinjuku Station
Shinjuku Sanchome Station
TEL 03-3352-3803
Parking Lot None
Business hours 12:00~25:00
Regular holiday Lunch: Wednesday Bar: Sundays and public holidays

Seats / Facilities

Total number of seats 20 seats

Menu service / Related information

Menu service 400 yen for coffee
Lunch 850 yen
Draft beer glass wine highball 600 yen
Cocktail 800yen ~
Shochu 600 yen
Mixed nuts 300 yen
Cheese 500yen ~
French fries 500 yen
Fish & Chips 600 yen
Pizza 700 yen
Sausage 900 yen
Store features This is the 45th year cafe & bar in Isetan alley, 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station. The interior was renewed last year and it became a bright store. Lunch is OK! Evening coffee at all is OK! There are plenty of shimegoes from the meeting, and of course there is also a meal so you can relax slowly! The staff is studying English! (Laughs) I'll be waiting for you.

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