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Space for healing a new sense not to until now. Adult playground is born.Akihabara / back Akiba is the hottest shop.UraAKIBA Tsumemigakiya

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  • UraAKIBA Tsumemigakiya
  • UraAKIBA Tsumemigakiya

Store information

Store name UraAKIBA Tsumemigakiya
Address Sujino Building302,3-21-2-,Kanda sakumacho,Chiyoda-ku
Nearest station Akihabara
TEL 070-6993-0577
Parking Lot None
Business hours 12:00~LAST
Regular holiday open all year round
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Menu service / Related information

Store features Men-only nail polish shop is finally in Akihabara OPEN
The store is has become a space for healing that can relax with Have polished nails to completely private woman with a clean feeling.
We look forward with space for healing a new sense not to until now.

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