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  • Ginza1carat
  • Ginza1carat
  • Ginza1carat

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Store name Ginza1carat
Nearest station Ginza
TEL 03-3571-3076
Business hours 15:00~0:00
Regular holiday Nothing
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Store features One carat is located in a corner of Ginza's high-class club district, which is gorgeous and has a high status, and is just a short distance from Shimbashi Station. Kimono rental can be used not only for night work, but also for various purposes such as shopping, watching theater, dining, and wedding invitations.
In kimono rental, we have yukata that is perfect for summer fireworks, furisode that is recommended for coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings, and visiting kimono that can be used for various purposes. We also offer unique kimonos such as oiran, maiko, and geisha. Please use kimono rental.

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